Edition 2017

The 3rd Country 'Togovi Give Back' hit 22 orphanages

The 3rd edition, the "Togovi Give Back" initiative launched 06 November 2017 BazaBaza by the Corporation and the African social network Mivasocial.com to feed orphanages in Togo, has been a success.

The campaign "Togovi Give Back" aims was to eradicate hunger and give a smile on Christmas Day and New Year orphans. She met the approval of many donors.

Proof, for one that just ended, the initiators managed to raise more 200 donors in the range of 8 weeks for a total of more background 2.5 million CFA. What helped feed 22 orphanages in Togolese territory.

The initiative "Togovi Give Back" comes essence of the resolution of the Togolese Diaspora to contribute to the well-being of compatriots namely orphans.

This Christmas and New Year, 2.5 million CFA, were collected through fundraising. The money was then distributed to over 22 orphanages of Togo as food kits namely :

CH2ED the Gbikope, CEHBED, ACCARD, Good Shepherd Tsévié, God is Great to Amouzoukope, Vigneron, true Vine, Canaan, Orphelinat Paolo de Totse, NDN de Kpedome, Baza Child Mandouri, the Alarm Association of Women, the Holy Angels, Essowassa of Kougnowou, Fireplace House Jept, Michel Ange, Casa Marco, CFPS center, he loved Togo, CEHBED

The balance is positive and we want to say a sincere thank you to all those who have accompanied us history bring joy to poor children, primarily responsible for the campaign, Eunice Bazabaza Mawussi, CEO of the Corporation and Jean Marc BazaBaza Kouevidjin, CEO Mivasocial showed their appreciation to sponsors, partners and donors throughout the Diaspora and Togo.

«. We want to say a special thank you to the organizing team and local distribution, Supermarket at La Concorde, wound Country, here Lome, BNN Africa News, Noutepe SARL, Afro American Bridge, Mivafunding, Mrs. Eugenie Mawussi, Noupokou Aurélia, Atsu Ocloo, Alphonse Edorh, King Leonard Endor, Tata Rita, Tata Jacky, William Solo, Jean Marc Kouevidjin, Elom Mawussi, Emmanuel Fisher said, Yves Kpakpo, Paul Abihu, Baka Tchaa, Tomwisso, Robert Vinadou, Brice Dogbey, Innocent Nowodjro, Desire Agbanzoume, John Eudes, Nasser Falana, Kafui Maybe, Happy Way llc, Sasha braiding, My Accounting, team Baza, Miva Team and many others.

We hope that the sponsors will be even more in 2018 for this patriotic gesture actually enters our traditions forever. And we invite other African diasporas to consider this model to support social initiatives on the continent.