Edition 2015

L’initiative “Togovi Give Back” which was officially launched on 23 November 2015 by the African social giant Mivasocial and Baza Baza corporation to feed orphanages in Togo was a success.
Indeed, this is not only a success but also a role model for all those who are truly willing to transform Africa. For “Togovi Give Back”, the goal was to eradicate hunger and give a smile on Christmas Day and New Year orphans. But for others, it may build a hospital or simply support a social initiative.
“Togovi Give Back” just proved that whatever the initiative, a united diaspora is able to do. And “Togovi Give Back” reunited 45 donors in a range of 4 weeks for a total of more background 2 million CFA and was able to feed 21 orphanages in Togolese territory, Imagine that all the African Diaspora of millions of people can accomplish ten ?
This initiative feeds 21 orphanages in five regions namely: our (11) in the maritime area, three (3) in plates, two (2) in the central region, a (1) Kara and four (4) in savannas .
"Togovi Give Back" comes essence of the resolution of the Togolese Diaspora to contribute to the welfare of their fellow namely orphans.
So, sense of accomplishment; positive thoughts turned to his family was the main engine that boost the inhabitants of this small country in West Africa, them around abroad Togo and the countries to the hands-on, like what the Togolese diaspora has again demonstrated that it knows how to take care of its own.
The 3666,00 dollars , a total sum of 2,155,960 f CFA collected through fundraising was distributed to orphanages (see the list so low) of Togo as food kits.

It is also an opportunity for Nasser Falana of Mivasocial.com and Eunice Bazabaza Mawussi of the corporation Baza Baza thank in person all the sponsors, partners and donors throughout the Diaspora and Togo.

"The results are positive and we want to say a sincere thank you to all those who have accompanied us history bring joy to poor children. We want to say a special thank you to the organizing team and local distribution, Super Market Concorde, Lcf, Freedom fm, here Lome, Radio RTS, BNN Africa News, Credit Union COCEC, Afro American Bridge, Mivafunding, Mrs. Noupokou, Evangelista Nuzianyovo, Wenesso foundation, Togobreakingnews, CATUS, Peniel Gumedzoe, Glory of God Church, William Soglo, Togo Vision, Muzik228, Sasha braiding, My Accounting, team Baza, Miva Team and many others. We hope that the sponsors will be even more in 2016 for this patriotic gesture actually enters our traditions forever ", said Eunice Mawussi.
The distribution campaign ended 10 January 2016 with a positive balance and the desire to repeat this lifesaving project is more than a necessity, if a real desire for the corporation Baza Baza and Mivasocial.com already largely open their hands for donations to support the children on behalf of 2016.

The Baza Baza Corporation is a charitable non-profit 501c 3 US based which aims to support the qualitative and quantitative education in rural areas of Africa. Visit bazabazaprojects.org to see our activities

Mivasocial.com is the great African social networks to unite all African Development continent. The platform introduces several tools for the new African generation
Mivasocial connects you with each African country, Throughout Africa & African Diaspora. Mivasocial.com (Register)
It is also mentioned that “Togovi Give Back” relied on the new African website Crownfunding denominates "Mivafunding" www.mivafunding.mivasocial.com. Mivafunding dedicated 'fully in the project and African initiative and promised to take no commission on fundraising.
Together we say "Togovi (Children from Togo) Give Back »
Orphanages assisted "Togovi Give Back":CEHBED orphanage, The last Onlus of YEGUAS, Vine Keve,At Ray of Sun Adjidogome, D'trouble Amadanhome,
Le Foyer Maison Jept de Hehiatro, Apf-Ad d’Amoutive, Casa Marco de NADOBA (Tamberma), Michel Ange d'Adjengre Sotoboua, le Village de la joie d’Atapkame, Mango CFPS, la Maison de l’enfant de Sada,
Essowassa of Kougnowou, Les Saints Anges d’Atakpamé, Groupe Baza Child Mandouri, l’association Réveil de la Femme de Dapaong,
Christ House Davie, Ass. Marie Reine de Tokoin Ramco, CAPRO of Dapaon,Centre de rehabilitation des Drogués de Kpalime,Baza group Children Vogan,
For more information about orphanages and partners visit the champagne www.mivafunding.mivasocial.com